As a leader in the wholesale ethnobotanical industry for over 10 years, Health and Kratom was created to offer you, the retail customer, a quality product at a great price. We do things simple here. Offer the best strains that are the most requested at a reasonable price. We don’t make up crazy names and stories about made up products and slap a premium on them. We are Kratom customers too, so we know that BS should have no place in this industry.


We stand by every single product we sell, and we back that up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Test us out and see. Most likely, you’ve already tried our products from another online vendor that has purchased from us and claims to have imported it directly from small villages in a remote jungles. Don't believe their lies. The best story we’ve read from an online vendor involved a 5-hour canoe ride down a stream before the ceremonial slaughtering of a pig upon entry into a sacred village that consisted of 20 villagers miraculously producing 50,000 kilos of premium horned leaf powder every month….WTF?!?! 


At Health and Kratom, we will never BS you just to sell products. We’re not here to trick you. Try our products and find out for yourself. Thanks!